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120mm Guided Mortar Munition


GMM 120  - 120mm Guided Mortar Munition  


•  The GMM 120 is a GPS and/or Laser guided mortar munition,
   providing combat teams with organic rapid response, all
   weather indirect highly accurate capability


•  The GMM 120 warhead is effective against: infantry troops,
   Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs), Masonry structures, Earth & Timber bunkers
•  The GMM 120 is equipped with:
- GPS and/or SAL Seeker

   - A canard servo and control mechanism

   - Pure Heart (GPS/IMU and FCC) - guidance, navigation and
     flight control unit



  Increased lethality

  Minimum collateral damage

  Increased Range (K6-Charge 5)

   - Ballistic range: 7.2 km

   - Gliding range: ~ 9 km


•  Reduced logistics




First round hit
  - GPS guidance:   CEP ~ 10m
  - Laser guidance: CEP ~ 1.5m





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