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LAR-160 System

The LAR-160 Light Artillery Rocket System consists of a multiple rocket launcher mounted on a mobile platform with one or two factory-sealed, expendable Launch Pod Containers (LPC) with 160 mm diameter rockets. In its standard configuration, each launcher accommodates two 13 rocket LPCs. The system can be adapted to various platforms, tailored to customer requirements: tracked wheeled or towed chassis. A special version with a light launcher can be tailored for specific transport modes. It can be carried by helicopters and designed to provide long-range, heavy fire support to light, highly mobile units. The independent system includes a launcher towed by a light vehicle such as a jeep or HMMWV.

The LAR-160 Rocket is a modern free flight, fin-stabilized, solid propellant, surface-to-surface 160 mm artillery rocket packed in a launch pod. The LAR-160 has a range of 45 km. 


 A low drag aerodynamic ogive 
• A warhead section 
• A short burning time propulsion section
Four wrap-around stabilizing fins deployed once the rocket exits
   the launch tube.


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