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Urban Fighter - M113 APC for LIC and Peacekeeping Missions

Urban Fighter offers a unique, cost effective modernization path for military users of the M-113 APC, transforming the lightly protected Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) into a versatile, multi-roll, all-terrain up-armored vehicle optimized for asymmetric and urban combat.

The Urban Fighter accommodates nine fully-loaded warfighters, in a highly protected cabin, ultimately designed for Low Intensity Conflicts (LIC), internal security and special missions, and urban warfare, in addition to classic high intensity combat.

The Urban Fighter is protected against small arms, up to 14.5 mm AP. Its armor is also designed to defeat IEDs and Anti-Tank Rockets, utilizing slat armor.

The raised cupola provides the crew with full situational awareness. The cupola accommodates the commander and another crew member. The remaining troops maintain coverage of the vehicle's perimeter, using transparent armored windows and eight firing ports mounted to the sides and rear.

According to the customer's requirements, Urban Fighter can be equipped with full air-conditioning, steering wheel, energy absorbing seats, perimeter and rear cameras, automatic fire extinguishing system, remotely operated weapon station, etc.

The Urban Fighter has successfully passed rigorous automotive trials by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and is ready for production.





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